Aluminum wood composite doors and windows
Aluminum wood composite doors and windows

Aluminum wood composite doors and windows

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  1. Seamless welding: Jointly developed by the Southwest Jiaotong University High speed Railway Welding Laboratory, CMT cold metal transition welding technology is first applied to the production process of doors and windows to weld profiles as a whole, which is a true seamless welding. Further improve the appearance, sealing performance and structural strength of doors and windows.
  1. R7 safe round corner: 7mm round corner processing has won the national patent of China, without sharp corners - more safe.
  1. Corner assembly: the integral corner code is adopted, and the mechanical hydraulic impact corner assembly firmly fixes the profile and corner code, so that the doors and windows form a whole, greatly improving the safety performance.
  1. Cavity filling: the refrigerator grade high insulation mute cotton is filled 360 ° without dead angle, and the thermal imaging system is used for monitoring to improve the overall shear resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation and waterproof of doors and windows.
  1. Overall spraying: 1.4KM automatic overall spraying production line of Gemma, Switzerland, uniformly adheres the powder to the profile surface through electrostatic adsorption, and then solidifies the powder after baking at 240 ℃. Uniform color, good weather resistance, environmental protection and health, multi color customization.
  1. Floor drain type check differential pressure drainer: patented invention to prevent rainwater from flowing back, wind, insects and whistling.